RMA Motors "How To" Guide

Here at RMA Motors in Dubai, we’re always keen to provide the assistance our customers need to not only find the perfect model to purchase, but also help to maintain their vehicle in the best condition possible. That’s why we’re delighted to provide the latest tips and advice from RMA Motors.

How to buy a used car

The process of buying a used car has become significantly easier in recent years, with online options available making it simple. In fact, with RMA Motors, buying has become even easier still, with the chance to now purchase or reserve the vehicle of your choice online - all from the comfort of home. All you will need to do is browse our listings, click through to the model of your choice, and follow the on-screen details to purchase. A deposit of just AED 2,000 is all that is required to ensure that no-one else will get in before you to buy.

How to clean your car

Cleaning your car on a regular basis may not seem like a priority, but it’s something that needs to be done. Whether you go to a car wash, a hand car wash, or take the time to clean yourself, it’s important to use the right materials. Use car shampoo and a sponge for any light cleaning that needs to be done, but be careful not to scratch the paintwork with any debris they may get caught in the sponge. Instead, you can opt to use a pressure washer or hosepipe. You should then rinse, wash (with car shampoo), rinse again, and dry with a towel.

How to check engine oil

Checking the engine oil of your car is one of the simplest processes around when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Simply pop open the hood of your car and locate what’s known as the dipstick (refer to your vehicle’s manual if you’re unsure of its location). Wipe off all oil with a cloth and note the maximum and minimum levels indicated on the stick. Replace the dipstick before removing again. If the level is too close to the minimum, locate the oil cap and fill with accordingly.

How do I buy a car

While you may still choose to visit a dealership in person to purchase your next vehicle, there’s now the chance to buy online without setting foot into a car showroom. With RMA Motors, you can browse our vehicle listings and follow the on-screen instructions to buy or reserve your vehicle online. It really is that easy.

How to jump start a car

Jump starting a car may seem a daunting prospect but is actually relatively straightforward. First, ensure all electrical systems are switched off and then park a second vehicle as close as possible. With your jump leads, connect the red lead to the positive terminal on the flat battery and the other end to the good battery. Next, attach one end of the black lead to the negative terminal on the good battery and fix the other end to a suitable earthing point on the vehicle with the flat battery - any solid part of metal is best. Then, start the engine on the good vehicle before trying the same with the car with the flat battery. Once it starts, leave both vehicles running for a few minutes.

How to look after your car

Looking after your car requires you to do a number of things. Not only should you drive safely and invest in regular servicing and maintenance, but you should keep it clear of dirt, keep tyres inflated to the correct pressure, and keep all vital tools (such as jump leads) in the boot.

Car interior cleaning

Cleaning the interior of your car can be a time consuming task, but it will pay dividends in the long run - not least should the time come to sell. Using glass and antibacterial wipes, a vacuum cleaner, and polish, you can return the cabin to a condition as good as new. Regularly empty the car of any rubbish or odour causing trash too - paying particular attention to ashtrays.

How to check your tyres

When it comes to checking your tyres, you should look at both tyre pressure and tread depth. Many models have a tyre pressure monitoring system fitted and will alert you accordingly, but visual inspection and use of a tyre pressure kit will detail whether action needs to be taken. In terms of tread depth, however, you should have at least 3mm of tread on each tyre. Seek the advice of a professional if you’re unsure.