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Self healing ppf installation
Matte ppf installation in Dubai

RMA Paint Protection Film

Commonly known as PPF, Paint Protection Film is an optically clear film that is designed to protect areas of your vehicle that are exposed to regular day to day damage of driving  such as stone chips, sand damage, parking damage and general washing damage. Protect just the most exposed panels or an entire car with PROFILM UK with either ultra clear gloss film or matte film to keep your car in pristine condition all year round.

Heat Activated Self-Healing Properties 

Manufactured using elastomeric polyurethane. With a gentle exposure to either heat or warm water, the film surface will self-heal any scratches and swirls it may have received 


Our film has a formulation that does not yellow due to UV exposure, ensuring an almost invisible protection barrier to your paintwork.

Edge Seal Technology 

Due to advanced technology in the adhesives used in the manufacturing process, it eliminates lifting and delamination of edges, which keeps the surface fully sealed and protected from contamination.

Prevents Wear & Tear

PPF is designed to keep your car in immaculate condition no matter what, protecting you against sand damage, stone chips, road debris impact and also car park damage such as door dings and low speed scuff/impact marks.

Discolouration & Stain Resistant

Profilm UK has been formulated to withstand and maintain complete clarity even when exposed to some of the harshest chemicals and contaminants your vehicle could be exposed to that would usually damage your paintwork.

Optically Clear

Our optically clear film is almost undetectable once applied to your vehicle due to its extreme clarity, improves gloss and does not impair your paintwork finish