Buying a Used Car in the UAE – Useful Hints and Tips

For many people living in the UAE, owning a car is the most practical and efficient way of getting around – especially in the heat of the summer when walking between locations becomes difficult. With many used vehicles on the market, it’s important to do your research and find a model that suits your business or personal needs.

So, take a look at the following used car buying guide and search for a stylish, powerful and reliable car with confidence.

Second-hand car buying tips in the UAE

There’s lots to think about when buying a used vehicle. You might have concerns about condition, maintenance or previous ownership, which is why it’s important to break down the buying process step-by-step. The following questions will help guide your buying strategy.

What are you looking for?

The used car market can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So, the first thing to do is to think about your budget and the type of vehicle that will fit into your life with ease. While a large 4x4 might be tempting, a small compact could be more realistic, especially if you’re looking for something that’s easy to park and manoeuver in the city. Alternatively, you might be looking for something on the sportier side with powerful engine options that’ll help you to stand your ground in the style-focused UAE.

When working out your budget, remember to factor in the cost of insurance as this is more expensive for some cars than others. And think about the price of any maintenance work such as fluid and tyre changes. Once you have a rough budget in mind and a car type, you can make the most of our used car filters to help streamline your search.

Where’s the best place to find used cars in the UAE?

Top tips for buying a used car include opting for professional dealerships. Sure, you’re bound to see plenty of ads from private sellers in the paper or on social media platforms. But it’s essential to think twice before making a purchase. Firstly, when you buy privately you don’t know if the relevant safety checks have been made or if the mileage has been altered in any way to make the car seem more attractive. Secondly, private car sellers don’t always have the correct paperwork, which could land you in trouble down the line.

In contrast, reputable car dealerships will provide you with the full history so you can clearly see that the regular required servicing and maintenance has been carried out. Many dealerships also offer some kind of warranty or will help you with the price of insurance for a set period of time. While not all private sales are dodgy, dealers can bring peace of mind.

Should I have a ‘buying second-hand car checklist’ for the UAE?

The short answer to this is yes. When buying a used car, it’s wise to give the vehicle a thorough inspection both inside and out to help spot any obvious damage or issues. Look out for dark spots on the engine block as this could indicate the car needs to be seen by a mechanic. Always observe the fluids too. Brake fluid should be clear or yellow but will most likely be light brown. Transmission fluid should be clear. Keep an eye out for rust too as if it’s around the radiator, it might need to be replaced.

You should also take the vehicle for a drive to ensure it meets your expectations. Note any strange noises and have these checked out before making any kind of sales agreement. If you don’t feel confident checking out a used car alone, take a vehicle expert with you or have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic before parting with your money.

Buying used cars mileage guide – what should you know?

Looking at the mileage is a must as this will tell you how far the vehicle has travelled.As a rough rule, a car with 130,000km or below is a good buy. The more miles on the clock, the more wear and tear the vehicle has endured and the cheaper the price should be in comparison to similar modes with lower mileage.

Can I get a better deal?

Prices are constantly fluctuating in the used car market. Many dealers have great offers at certain times of the year such as Ramadan. So, be vigilant and keep checking back for more details. You might also be able to arrange a price with the dealership directly. If you can pay in cash, do so. Otherwise, there might be financing options you can take advantage of.

How long will it take to transfer ownership in the UAE?

Purchasing a vehicle in the UAE with a bank loan will normally take 2 days to complete the application with the bank and get the loan approved. Then we can go ahead with transferring the car and registration. RMA Motors will handle all of the bank finance process, transfers and registration on your behalf.

Purchasing a vehicle with cash, we can transfer and register the car with the new owner in 1 hour.

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