Sell your car

Here at RMA Motors, we make the process of selling your vehicle simple and hassle free. With our three-step process, you can obtain a valuation and final offer, and complete the sale quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to advertise or spend time organising viewings and test drives, and the price we offer is always competitive. Whether you want to take a trade-in approach and choose your next vehicle from among our selection of quality used cars, or have the cash delivered straight to your account, you’ll enjoy an easy, straightforward experience.

What’s the process?

1. Free, no-obligation valuation

Fill in our online form in as much detail as possible, and we’ll get back to you with an instant, free valuation. Please note this is a guide price based on current market values and the information you provide.

2. Free inspection

If you’re happy with your initial valuation, simply make an appointment to visit us for a visual inspection. For the appointment we will require your ID copy, registration card (mulkia), keys, any service history, warranty and service package details. At this point we will give you an official offer.

3. Complete the sale

If you accept our offer, the cash or online transfer will be paid immediately, or we will arrange the next available slot to clear any auto loan finance. With us, the whole sale and transfer process is complete in under 30 minutes – it really is that easy.

Why choose RMA Motors?

Our mission statement: We are the enthusiasts empowering everyone to achieve their motoring dreams!

As enthusiasts and experts in the sale and purchase of cars, we’ll offer you a competitive price for your vehicle, and take away the hassle of trying to sell it by yourself. We’ll close any outstanding vehicle loans with the bank on your behalf, and make a secure transfer of the monies into your account upon the agreement of the sale.

Our service is offered completely free of charge, and not only do we aim to achieve the optimal sale price for your car, we are the perfect alternative to time-consuming car advertisements, viewings and sales processes.

Key benefits:

- Save time and money on car advertisements, viewings, and no-shows

- Avoid depreciation of value while the car is advertised

- Claim outstanding balance sooner on costly insurance policies

- 100% free service with no obligations

- Transaction completed in 30 mins

- Secure cash or online bank transfer straight into your account

- We close outstanding Auto Loans with the bank

- No trips to the Traffic Department and waiting in long queues