​A selection of FAQs​

At RMA Car Care, we prioritise the protection and preservation of your vehicle's aesthetics. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an advanced shield designed to safeguard your car's exterior from various environmental factors while maintaining its original beauty.

Let's delve into a few FAQs about PPF:

1. What exactly is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a durable, transparent urethane film applied to your vehicle's surfaces. It acts as an invisible barrier, shielding your car from scratches, stone chips, insect stains, and minor abrasions, all while preserving its visual appeal.

2. How does Paint Protection Film work?

PPF works by absorbing impacts and preventing damage to your car's paint. Its innovative properties include self-healing capabilities, allowing minor scratches to disappear when exposed to heat, ensuring a seamless and protected surface.

4. Is Paint Protection Film only suitable for new cars?

No, Paint Protection Film is not exclusively for new vehicles. While it's beneficial to apply PPF when the car is new to maximise protection from the start, it is extremely beneficial at any point in a vehicle’s life. PPF serves as a reliable defence against further damage, preserving the existing paintwork and enhancing the vehicle's overall appearance, regardless of its age.

6. Can Paint Protection Film be combined with other detailing or protective treatments?

Yes, Paint Protection Film can complement other detailing and protective treatments. It works well alongside ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants. While PPF primarily focuses on shielding the vehicle's surface from physical damage, these additional treatments can enhance gloss, hydrophobic properties, and overall aesthetics, providing comprehensive protection and an elevated appearance.

7. Can Paint Protection Film withstand extreme weather conditions?

Paint Protection Film is designed to endure various weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV exposure, rain, and snow. It's formulated to withstand the elements, providing reliable protection year-round. While prolonged exposure to harsh conditions might affect the film over time, high-quality PPF is engineered to maintain its integrity and protective properties, ensuring your vehicle remains shielded in diverse weather environments.

At RMA Car Care, our focus lies in delivering tailored PPF solutions that cater to your vehicle's specific needs. Our proficient team ensures meticulous application and exceptional service, aiming to keep your vehicle protected and looking its best for years to come.

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A selection of FAQs
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