Why use RMA Car Care for your PPF needs// What does RMA offer, as well as what it does differently to other suppliers in the region. Advise readers to come back to RMA for a detail in order to help prolong the life of the PPF.

Why use RMA Car Care for your PPF needs.

So, you’ve read our blogs and done your research and you’re sure that paint protection film (PPF) is for you. Next up is to find a reputable company to apply it for you. Application of PPF should always be done by a professional to not only get the absolute best from the product but in order for it to be so well applied that it is barely visible to the naked eye.

RMA Car Care is that choice.

The are very few companies in the region that can offer such an in-depth, personalised service when it comes to your PPF needs. As a British-owned company, we pride ourselves in offering EU-standard PPF, from installation to manufacture. All of our installations are pre-cut patterns from specially-developed software, with a catalogue of every car – you name it, we can PPF it. And our service doesn’t stop at a template drop and go. Depending on the car, adjustments may be required. Adjustments that can be made by our highly-experienced staff to ensure your install is extended perfectly to guarantee a discreet and almost invisible finish backed with a no quibble 10-year warranty.

We want to always be the best at what we do and always offer the best service we possibly can. The PPF side of our business is a busy one, with clients from all around the world – clients who have high expectations when it comes to their pride and joy and rightly so. We regularly carry out in-house training to ensure the level of skills that our staff possess is consistently unrivalled. Each and every one of our dedicated team is at their best day in and day out, with a quarterly period of training from the film manufacturer to ensure any new products are installed efficiently and perfectly.

The job of the PPF will be a lot harder if it’s not installed correctly – we have a duty to both the manufacturer of the film and the vehicle owner – a duty we do not take lightly.

Once we’ve applied the PPF for you, you’re pretty much ready to go. Maintenance is relatively simple here on out. We advise that you apply a flexible coating following application to increase hydrophobicity (the repelling of water and rain etc) — we can do this for you and you can bring it back for regular top-ups or you can do it yourself. Increasing the hydrophobicity will make future cleaning quicker and easier. A bi-monthly application of the film manufacturer’s recommended quick detailer is also advised, to top-up the hydrophobic levels of the film.

We love what we do and that’s why we are the best we can be at it. The passion we have for the perfection and protection of paint in the region is why we don’t just have new customers; we have a loyal, returning client base to boot.

Get in touch for more details at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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