Five vehicles we get through our doors regularly​

Most popular vehicles to get PPF at RMA. A list of the top five vehicles you've applied PPF to in the past 12 months

We talk a lot about our Paint Protection Film, but what about the stunning cars we’re servicing on the regular? Your pride and joy is our pride and joy and here are five examples of some of the incredible cars we’ve had through our doors. In no particular order:

Lotus Emira

What a car! Depending on the engine, you can expect a pretty impressive power of between 360-400hp. It’s still quite new to the market, having been released in 2021, which requires pattern adjustments to be 100% perfect for an invisible finish. Our PPF pattern-cutting team have this dialled to perfection. CLICK HERE

Porsche 911

Please bow down to the icon that is the Porsche 911. As you can imagine, the curves of this beauty can create quite an intricate application process for PPF. The roundness of the panels and big contours require multiple people to stretch it into place, without creating stretch lines in the film. CLICK HERE

Mercedes G63

The Mercedes G63 requires a certain level of parts to be removed when applying Paint Protection Film. For example, items such as the wing top indicators need to be completely removed in order to get the film underneath. The square hard edge and the swage lines of the panels also require some seriously intricate installation to ensure any “lifting” of the film doesn't occur. A lot of customers tend to opt for matte PPF on these also, which requires every edge to be fully tucked to avoid the gloss of the paint showing through. CLICK HERE

Toyota Supra

Whether you think it should be called a Toyota or not, what with all the outrage over its BMW parts, the Toyota Supra is a phenomenal car! It doesn’t come without challenges, mind; no challenge is too big for our incredibly skilled team. The hood is huge - coming in at a whopping 63.5 inches. This requires some work from our pros because the PPF roll is only 60 inches. Our team skilfully stretch the Paint Protection Film to accommodate the 3.5-inch difference, slowly and safely using heat for a perfect fit, without compromising protection levels. CLICK HERE

Lamborghini Urus

When this car came to market in 2018, it was love at first sight and many a local couldn’t wait to get their hands on one. This large super SUV has many square angles to its panels, which can make for a tricky installation, but our team are well versed with these models now and have all the training and knowledge to perfectly apply PPF to your Urus. CLICK HERE

If you’re interested in PPF or want to find out a little more about what we do here at RMA Car Care, you can get in touch for more details at RMA CAR CARE - 04 597 3077

Five vehicles we get through our doors regularly
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