We guarantee our PPF work for 10 years​

When deciding on the most suitable Paint Protection Film installer for your vehicle, the ultimate determinant is the installer's experience, coupled with the consideration of the film they employ. Here at RMA Car Care, our extensive expertise and training in application, fitting, and maintenance are foundational to our business and the first-class service we provide. However, our prowess is inherently tied to the quality of our tools. Hence, we entrust ProFilm, recognised as a top-tier player in this domain, to fortify our services.

Inclusive with all installations, we furnish a robust 10-year warranty. We empower you with the requisite knowledge to not only sustain but also enhance the film's allure over the course of a decade. While certain film manufacturers may boast certain advantages, the pivotal factor lies in the installer who breathes life into the film. The installer's acumen and experience intricately determine the visibility of edges, the film's propensity to lift or peel, and the potential for installation-induced imperfections.

Our comprehensive 10-year warranty encompasses a spectrum of damages, including bubbling, cracking, and hazing. However, customary stone chips and the natural progression of "wear and tear" are not covered. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to elongate the longevity of your Paint Protection Film.

Proper maintenance of the film is super important; even seemingly inconsequential factors such as the storage environment can either accelerate its ageing or institute measures for its enduring preservation. To safeguard the film, particularly in climates like that of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole, simple acts such as parking your vehicle in the shade can act as a deterrent against undesirable yellowing. That being said, this will all depend on the level of maintenance you’re applying. For example, if you’re waxing or sealing regularly then that will add an additional level of protection to the sun and its UV rays.

The choice of the film installer wields paramount significance in safeguarding your vehicle. Backed by our extensive know-how and fortified by ProFilm's excellence, RMA Car Care stands as a stalwart guardian of your vehicle's impeccable facade.

If you have any questions at all regarding Paint Protection Film, whether it be about installation, maintenance or anything in between, our specialist team would love to hear from you. You can contact them now on RMA CAR CARE - 04 597 3077

We guarantee our PPF work for 10 years
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