Motorbike Paint Protection Film

Motorbike Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle from damage. Almost invisible to the naked eye, the clear film protects against stone chips, UV-damage, sand rash, as well as other road contaminants. But, is there a difference with applying paint protection film to a car or a motorbike?! Well, no, not really.

Our professional team still follow the same stringent process we always do; no matter the size of vehicle. Granted, a motorbike has some smaller, more intricate areas to deal with but our team are the best trained in the business and know exactly what they’re doing. We also have the benefit of having everything in-house, even down to the cutting of the Paint Protection Film panels.

We will start by conducting a detailed electronic vehicle health check. This will be done under proper inspection lights so nothing is missed. We use the lights to identify any defective points in the vehicle’s bodywork and paint. You can normally tell if something has been repaired before because the paint won’t have the same textural finish as factory, but we do paint depth readings anyway just to be extra sure. Following the checks, if a motorbike has some previous damage we have a bodyshop in-house that can rectify any issues such as stone chips and any imperfections before we go ahead and install Paint Protection Film.


Ahead of installation, one of our PPF team detailers will professionally prep the car with a full detail that is an essential part to getting the paint ready for Paint Protection Film installation. While the detail is being performed, the film patterns are pre-cut using digital software and a plotting machine working to millimetre accuracy.

The vehicle will then be parked in the installation bay and placed on charge and will remain on charge until the application is complete. Our experienced team will get to work applying the intricately-cut sections to your motorbike. Our team receive ongoing training and are up to date with any changes to the products we use, along with any installation updates. Once finished, the handover process can begin. Following a full handover detail, quality control process and “rest” (the motorbike will need to be kept inside our facility for 12 hours upon completion to ensure all edges are sealed), you can get back on those two wheels safely in the knowledge you’re not going to do any damage to it if you happen to open it up a little quick down Sheikh Zayed Road!

If you’re interested in PPF and want to know more, contact us at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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