Top eight advantages of PPF

Top eight advantages of PPF

We can go on and on… and on… about the advantages of Paint Protection Film but we’ve narrowed them down to eight essentials:

  • The number one advantage of Paint Protection Film is to protect a vehicle against everyday damage such as UV rays, pebbles, sand rash, stone chips and other debris that may come into contact with it, all the while working to maintain the shine of your clear coat! Paint Protection Film also has the ability to self heal following any impact it has absorbed in order to protect the paint. If real damage to the film occurred for whatever reason, the 10-year warranty we provide would come into play anyway.
  • The second advantage of Paint Protection Film is the ease of maintenance that comes with it. Depending on the level of protection you get - whether you get the whole vehicle done or simply target certain areas - you can literally give your car or motorbike a basic wash and dry, followed by a good, suitable-for-PPF detailer and away you go. A vehicle is easier to clean once it has been protected by PPF and it is easier to maintain after the quick detailer does its hydrophobic magic. Hydrophobicity is where water is repelled from a surface. It will also prevent swirl marks and scratches which can be caused by improper wash techniques.
  • The third is UV rays. In a climate like the UAE, the sun’s rays are always a concern in the back of the mind of any vehicle owner. PPF contains a UV coating that blocks sun damage to prevent fading and maintains the look and colour underneath. No one wants a car that was red but is now pink!
  • The fourth advantage is a vehicle’s value. The level of protection that Paint Protection Film brings means that the paint is completely protected underneath so it’s bound to be worth more than a vehicle being driven around acquiring stone chips and sand rash all over it, not to mention damage from UV rays and potentially faded panels. Damage like that is expensive to fix! After all, first impressions count! Imagine being the customer and seeing that.
  • Durability is the fifth advantage. Our PPF has a life of 10 years; a confidence of which is reflected in our no-quibble 10-year warranty.
  • Protection from chemical reactions is the sixth on the list. Depending where you are in the world, you may have things like tree sap, acid rain, bird droppings and even salt to contend with. PPF prevents damage from all those things, continuing to maintain the beautiful paint beneath. Salt is used on some roads to melt snow. Again, depending on the climate - I wonder if we’ll ever have snow in the UAE… Rust becomes the product of bare metal coming into contact with salt, and PPF can completely protect against that.
  • The seventh advantage to having Paint Protection Film over not having it is that it is cheaper over the course of its life. Installing a protective layer - although sometimes considered a costly outlay - will always be cheaper than completely respraying a car or sorting stone chips etc. Even replacing panels due to high levels of damage such as rust.
  • The final advantage, or shall we say reason to get PPF is us, RMA Car Care! We are the best at what we do here in the UAE so let us take care of you and your vehicle today!

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