How much does PPF cost and is it worth it?

How much does PPF cost and is it worth it?

The cost of Paint Protection Film can vary from product, to provider, to installer and the most important thing when considering Paint Protection Film is quality; quality of the product and quality of the installer. The best marriage is top quality PPF and top quality installers, and we got both!

The cost of PPF with us ranges from around 12,000aed for a 2-door coupe, 13,000aed for a 4-door saloon, 15,000aed for an SUV, and 16,000aed for exotics, depending on what you have done; whether you have a full vehicle installation or whether you target specific areas.

For our price point - prices vary based on requirement - we will look after you from start to finish. From initial enquiry, we will get you in to the shop so we can check out your vehicle thoroughly in order to best advise on the optimum PPF installation going forward.

We will then conduct a detailed multi-point electronic vehicle health check which will consist of paint readings and a thorough inspection of the paint. If any damage is flagged, we’ll look to get this rectified (with your go-ahead) to then be able to successfully apply the Paint Protection Film. Conveniently, we have a highly-skilled bodyshop on site that is ready to do any repair works ahead of PPF installation.

We will go through with you what type of installation you’d like, whether it be full vehicle coverage or whether you’d prefer targeted areas. Targeted areas are those areas of a vehicle that are more susceptible to damage, such as the front bumper or wings - these areas will vary depending on the vehicle and our team of experts are highly skilled in knowing the correct placement for any make or model.

At RMA, we are one of very few that use pre-cut vinyl. This means, unlike other companies, we have invested time and money into correct equipment to ensure all of our installs are an absolute perfect fit while ensuring we don’t damage your car. Non pre-cut vinyl is known as “bulking” or “manual” and there are many risks doing this method, trims, badges and parts need to be removed which can break easily, affect alignment or even void manufacturer warranty. We are also British-trained, providing European standards of PPF installation with a manager who has more than 17 years in the car care industry bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience with him. Our experienced team helps us provide the best level of service.

You’ll feel like one of the family while we treat your vehicle as our own.

Paint Protection Film is well worth the cost IF you want to protect the paint of your pride and joy. We’re all vehicle enthusiasts here at RMA Car Care and we know what a vehicle means to a person. Not only that, residual values are maintained when you protect your vehicle. The film is almost invisible while providing the highest level of protection there is. And to top it off, that initial outlay is protected with our 10 year guarantee! We literally can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to invest in it.

You won’t get a better service for PPF in Dubai, UAE, so why not contact RMA Car Care today?! Our team are looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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