Debunking popular PPF myths

We disprove the top five Paint Protection Film myths

Are you in two minds about whether to get Paint Protection Film? If you are then we’re willing to bet you’ve probably heard one of the following myths. Well, we’re here to disprove them.

1. Sun exposure and UV damage will penetrate the film, causing it to crack, peel, and even turn yellow.

Paint protection film has come a long way since the Vietnam war. High-quality PPF is made of a UV-resistant material that will not yellow or discolour with prolonged UV exposure. The modern TPU-based films of today are the most advanced in paint protection film technology and our provider has conducted tests upon tests in climates like ours in the UAE. Our TPU-based film provides 100% protection from UV rays and will not falter even in our summertime and in the most extreme of heats.

2. Paint Protection Film is difficult to install and it’s hard to find someone who will install it properly.

So this myth isn’t technically a myth. It’s actually true. PPF is very difficult to install correctly. That is why we have invested thousands upon thousands in the best possible team to ensure we are the absolute best at what we do in Dubai, UAE. PPF is simple to install for someone of our team’s calibre. Our 10-year guarantee is testament to our work and the confidence we have in the abilities here at RMA Car Care, giving our customers the ultimate in peace of mind.

3. PPF will damage your vehicle’s paint if you take it off.

Again, technically this “could” be true IF you don’t go to a professional to remove it. PPF is and should be professionally applied in order to do its job effectively. This means that it’s fused to the surface in order to provide the best possible protection. So, if for some reason you wanted the PPF removed, you would have to go to a professional to remove it. RMA Car Care is fully qualified in the installation and removal of paint protection film to ensure there is no damage to the paint beneath.

4. All PPF is the same…

Buy cheap buy twice, right?! Well that’s certainly true for paint protection film. Like with anything, there are different levels of quality. As previously mentioned, our provider of PPF offers the ultimate in TPU-based films, providing the best possible protection. And, thanks to us, professionally installed. Skilled installation, plus the best paint protection film on the market equals the most effective protection for your pride and joy. There’s no contest.

5. The application of PPF makes maintaining and cleaning the vehicle more difficult.

PPF is not difficult to look after or maintain. In fact, a basic two-bucket wash to clean and a quick detailer as a finisher is really all you need to increase hydrophobicity (to repel water from the vehicle’s surface) and maintain your vehicle’s finish. PPF can also be waxed if you want to, just like you would wax any other part of your car. Just make sure to use a synthetic wax polish that is designed for PPF.

Now we know we’ve convinced you to have paint protection film so if you have any questions at all or would like to book your vehicle in for PPF, get in touch at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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