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RMA Car Care Paint Protection Film - all about the films we use!​

Not only is it important to go to the right company for your Paint Protection Film, it’s really important to know that the company is using the best possible films. You don’t want a great film being applied by people that don’t have proper installation knowledge, but equally you don’t want the best of the best installers installing a less-than Paint Protection Film.

Here at RMA Car Care, we use a British brand called Profilm, as well as a brand called Sunmax which is manufactured in Japan. Each have been rigorously tested both in-house under manufacturer testing and here with us in our climate here in the UAE so we know we’re using the best possible films we should be using.

We are some of the best installers in the industry so we wouldn’t want to put those expertise and reputation in jeopardy by using a sub-par quality Paint Protection Film.

Profilm is a cutting-edge Window Film and Paint Protection Film company founded by industry leaders from around the world. 

​Here is an example of the Profilm film properties:

The Sunmaxfilms Factory uses materials from Japan, America, and Korea to create some of the highest-quality Paint Protection Films on the market. This blend of raw materials has been perfected over the years to offer a diverse range of Paint Protection Film types. The company 

produces transparent polyurethane and hybrid films, along with coloured vinyl and hybrid variants.

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