A PPF case study - a recent job RMA has done

An RMA case study of Paint Protection Film​​

We get some beautiful examples of some fantastic models through our doors here at RMA Car Care and a black Audi A7 with 87,000km on the clock that came in to us a few months back is no exception.

The owner wanted a complete transformation and a fresh injection of life to its exterior appearance with a full satin matte PPF treatment. But it’s not just a matter of putting Paint Protection Film over it and off you go. We have a wealth of in-house services and specialists that a vehicle will go through while with us.

So, until this Audi A7 can receive its stealth treatment, there’s a few things that need to be done.

Our process when a car comes in to us for Paint Protection Film is that we start with a full vehicle check to see if the car has had any previous paint or repair done, as well as checking to see if it needs any new repairs. For example, if the vehicle has any stone chips, washing scratches, or anything we need to rectify before applying Paint Protection Film to your vehicle, it will need to be fixed before any installation can be done to ensure you have the best base possible to apply Paint Protection Film to. 

With a quick naked eye inspection of this Audi A7, Ash (one of our highly-skilled trained specialists) saw a number of areas that had been painted previously, presenting textural differences to Audi’s factory-finish paintwork. Any textural differences are a clear sign that it has been repainted in some way, and for one reason or another. Both the rear quarter and front quarters, as well as the bonnet were all showing signs of previous repair due to the different texture finish. There was also a dent in the door that we pulled out and sorted ahead of PPF installation, too.

There were also a couple of areas that needed some repair such as the front bumper and rear bumper. Both areas showed signs of stone chips, as well as damage - paint cracking could be seen to the rear corner - which all has to be sorted ahead of any application of Paint Protection Film.

An RMA case study of Paint Protection Film

We don’t just stop at the exterior paint, either. The Diamond Cut wheels it was sat on were in desperate need of a refresh, having seen much better days. The wheels are removed from the car and a full refurb was done. This is all while the vehicle itself received the VIP RMA Car Care treatment!

Once all the rectification and refurb work is done, we carry out our full detailing pack to bring the entire vehicle’s paintwork up to perfection, along with a full interior detail, engine bay detail and then it’s ready for its new satin matte stealth Paint Protection Film look to be applied. Fancy seeing the full transformation? You can watch it, here.

You can contact us for more details on this transformation or PPF at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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