Can you apply PPF on top of a vinyl colour change?​

Paint protection film (PPF) is a completely translucent , protective layer, so (in theory) it can definitely be applied to a vinyl colour change as it won’t affect the hue or the tone of the vinyl’s surface. However, there are some things you should bear in mind before doing so.

Firstly, make sure you go to a reputable business for both applications - ideally the same one so they can perform the applications in sequence correctly. RMA Car Care is the best in the region, with decades of experience between our highly-skilled and qualified team. We can also take care of any rectification works that may need doing to the paint beneath before applying your fresh new coloured vinyl and paint protection film on top. PPF is typically a thin, transparent film that is designed to provide protection to the underlying paint. When applied on top of a vinyl colour change, the PPF may conform to the texture and contours of the vinyl. This wouldn’t affect its protection levels but it may affect the finish of the vinyl. It all depends on the finish of PPF you choose. This is something we can discuss with you in-house, in order to get the desired effect you’re looking for.

You’ll also want to review the overall surface condition of your vehicle before applying anything to it. For optimal adhesion and performance, both PPF and vinyl wrap require a clean and smooth surface. If the vinyl wrap has been properly installed and is in good condition without any peeling, lifting, or bubbling, it may be suitable for applying PPF on top. However, if the vinyl wrap is damaged or not properly adhered to the car's surface, it would be recommended to remove the vinyl wrap before applying PPF. RMA Car Care provides every step in a successful PPF application; we have an in-house bodyshop that can fix any paint issues before applying anything on top and we can apply both vinyl and paint protection film in-house. A truly all-under-one-roof service.

It’s also worth considering the lifespans of both. Both PPF and vinyl wrap have their own longevity and maintenance requirements, with Paint Protection Film generally more durability and is longer-lasting than vinyl wrap, so if the vinyl begins to deteriorate or peel over time, it may compromise the integrity and effectiveness of the PPF layer on top.

While vinyl layers do provide some protection from the elements, the best source of vehicle paint protection is PPF. It is thicker than vinyl and has been specifically designed to block damage from UV rays, while protecting from physical damage such as pebbles, sand rash, stone chips and other debris that may hit your vehicle while you’re on the move.

It is also possible to apply paint protection film BENEATH your vinyl layer to further protect the paint from damage. You can read all about this, HERE

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