The ultimate product essentials you need AFTER getting PPF

PPF maintenance: The products you need!​

Once your Paint Protection Film has been applied, you won’t need to maintain it from a functionality point of you as it’ll be fully guaranteed by our 10-year cover but when it comes to the cleaning of your vehicle there are a few products we highly recommend you use.

Most importantly, you don’t want to use any kind of abrasive on your Paint Protection Film - anything that is going to eat away at or damage the surface of your film is going to hinder its protection levels.

First up is shampoo. Any vehicle wash process needs to start off with a good shampoo, so we recommend Gtechniq Ceramic Gwash . Simply add Gwash to a bucket and wash your car like normal using the two-bucket wash method and a nice plush wash mitt. Work your way around the car and simply rinse off to reveal the super hydrophobic behaviour and then dry as normal.

​We recommend using the CarPro Elixir after every wash. This is a quick detailer that is an si02-based product. Si02 is the chemical symbol for Silicon dioxide which is a natural chemical mix of silicon and oxygen that has many uses. It’s even used in many food products as an anti-caking agent, which just shows how gentle it is. CarPro Elixir will return the vehicle to extreme levels of gloss as seen when you left our site. It’s also super hydrophobic so will help to repel water and dirt and will leave a very sleek feeling finish to the surface. The best way to use the CarPro Elixir on PPF is to wash the car as normal, do a final rinse and while the car is wet spray the Elixir onto a drying towel and simply dry the car as normal. If any residue remains, get a fresh microfibre cloth to buff after to remove any smear marks working your way around the car panel by panel.

We also highly recommend the CarPro Hydr02 Foam , which is a hydrophobic post-wash snow foam. This gives a good level of hydrophobicity, much like the aforementioned Elixir, but requires even less effort. Simply wash the vehicle as normal and rinse it well, then using a snow foam cannon put this product into the cannon for an even coverage of the entire car top to bottom, allow it to dwell but not dry and simply rinse off. Super easy, super hydrophobic finish giving protection for up to three months.

Handily, CarPro also offer a one-stop solution and the perfect starter kit to proper vehicle maintenance which we rate. It’s the CarPro Wash Box The CARPRO Wash Box is the perfect starter kit for proper vehicle maintenance containing a 500ml bottle of Reset Intensive Car Shampoo, 500ml of EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer, a Hand Wash microfibre mitt, a versatile 40×40 2-face microfibre towel, as well as the DHydrate drying towel.

It’s important to remember that Paint Protection Films alone do not enhance a vehicle’s shine. It’s all in the prep work beneath; something our team here at RMA Car Care knows all about! Get in touch for more details on PPF at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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