How long does paint protection film last?

How long does PPF last?

With proper after care, most paint protection films can realistically last for up to 10 years, with many manufacturers being so confident in their product that a 10-year warranty comes as standard with installation.

This 10-year warranty covers damage such as bubbling, cracking and hazing. Stone chips and normal “wear and tear” isn’t covered but you can do things to prolong your PPF.

Proper maintenance of the film is a must, even things like the environment it’s kept in can either speed-up ageing or preserve the film to last much longer. To help preserve the film, especially in the climates such as the United Arab Emirates, things like simply ensuring that you park your car in the shade will help against yellowing.

A regular safe-clean of the film will also prevent dust and dirt from embedding itself in the film, as well as the swift, but safe, removal of bird mess. Doing this as quickly as possible will help to prevent etching to the film if the car is in direct sunlight.

It is very important to note that PPF cannot be polished with any form of abrasive as it will damage the top coat and those all-important self-healing abilities. Regular maintenance of the paint protection film, using a si02 based quick detailer - just talk to us and we’ll recommend specific products that are safe to use - will not only add gloss but will add hydrophobic (water repelling) properties to the film which will make it much easier to clean and ward off water and dust. It’s as simple as getting the car washed however you like and then keeping a bottle of si02-based quick detailer and a drying towel in the boot of the car and once its rinsed spraying directly to the towel and drying the car. Once dry simply use another plush microfibre to buff off any excess and remove smears.

We recommend washing the car once a week to help prevent the build up of dirt to the vehicle. The thicker the layer of dirt, the potentially harsher the wash and the longer said dirt will have been sitting on and potentially penetrating and damaging the surface.

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