three-part post - PPF process from start to finish with RMA Car Care

Paint Protection Film (PPF) application - the RMA way [part two]

It’s installation time​

Once the inspection has been completed and the customer has signed off on the work, a deposit is taken to reserve the team and any materials required for the job. Depending on the level of work required, some customers may leave their car with us following the pre-inspection. Some customers may require some bodywork rectification or paintwork, or even just a little touching up, ahead of any application of paint protection film.

Depending on what is required, we’ll get an appointment booked in at the on-site bodyshop for any paintwork rectification required and we will ensure the appointment to apply the paint protection film will follow the work. If the pre-inspection does flag up any paint works that do need doing, they must be carried out ahead of any installation of paint protection film. Paint protection film can then be applied 24 hours later; once it has been fully cured in the spray booth and infrared lights have been used.

We then liaise with our marketing team to make sure that they are available to capture your own personalised paint protection film installation. This will include professionally-shot images, as well as video footage of each stage of your car or motorbike’s PPF installation.

Ahead of installation, one of our PPF team detailers will professionally prep the car with a full detail that is specific to the essential prerequisite to installing paint protection film.

PPF film patterns will then be pre-cut in preparation using digital software and plotting machine to cut the film to millimetre accuracy and handed over to the installers assigned to the job.

Ensure installation bays have been washed down and decontaminated from dust before the car enters the wash bay. PPF trolleys, tooling and equipment cleaned.

The vehicle will then be parked in the installation bay and placed on charge. The vehicle will remain on charge for the entirety of the installation process.

Once the film has been cut, these sections will be applied by our experienced team to manufacturer standard. Our specialist team receive regular and ongoing training to ensure they’re not only up-to-date with any changes but it’s also important for us to refresh their skills to continue to be the best in the industry.

Once the paint protection film has been applied, a handover detail will be conducted immediately after. This will include a check over, finishing touches, a final wipe down, along with a full ceramic protection application. The vehicle will then be kept inside our facility for 12 hours to ensure all edges are completely sealed.

We pride ourselves in our customer service from the very first point of contact through to beyond collection of a completed vehicle. You will receive updates from us at every stage of the process, especially at any points where there happens to be extensions on promise dates due to refinishing or unforeseen installation complications.

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