three-part post - PPF process from start to finish with RMA Car Care

Paint Protection Film (PPF) application - the RMA way [part three]

It’s time to collect your vehicle

It’s vehicle handover time and what an exciting time it is - for you and for us.

We’ve fully prepped the car to the best it can be and followed it up with a professional installation of the best protection your paint will ever see.

As soon as our professional team has finished installing your new paint protection film and it’s been through our rigorous quality control stage, all “finished” images will then be taken by our professional photographers. We’ll then get straight on the phone to you to let you know it’s all complete and is ready to be collected, driven away and above all enjoyed better than ever. Safely in the knowledge that you won’t cause any damage if you happen to go a little harder on the gas.

As you arrive at our specialist facility for your handover appointment, you’ll notice that your finished vehicle has taken pride of place in the handover bay next to our sales desk. We’ll sit you down with your favourite refreshments and go through what’s been done and show you the pictures from the different stages that your vehicle has gone through while in our care. We document all of it so you can see exactly what’s been done and for you to have some epic professionally-shot photographs of your pride and joy. We’ll also have a YouTube link to the video footage of your personal installation. We’ll then walk you over to the handover bay so we can have a proper walk around your vehicle together showing you where the PPF has been placed - you really do need to get up close and personal to see our paint protection film - it’s almost invisible to the naked eye, uncompromising on protection and aesthetic.

Following your walk around, we’ll go through the PPF disclaimer with you, making sure it’s fully understood before you go away. We’ll also go through your 10 year warranty while you’re with us.

We’ll then book you in for our post-handover inspection and wash, seven days after installation. This entire process will take a maximum of four hours to complete.

At the post-handover inspection, a PPF team detailer will safe-wash the car and conduct a post-handover quality control inspection sheet. All PPF panels will be thoroughly checked for any lifting, stretching, water spots, scratches, as well as any other physical damage or imperfections to the installed paint protection film. Any identified quality control failures will then be recorded and a rectification plan created. Rectification can often be done at the time of the inspection, but if more time is required then you may need to pop the vehicle back to us.

And that’s it, that’s your paint protection film installation with RMA Car Care from start to finish. If you’re interested in PPF and want to know more, contact us at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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