three-part post - PPF process from start to finish with RMA Car Care

Paint Protection Film (PPF) application - the RMA way [part one]

Paint Protection Film goes by a few different names - PPF, car scratch protection film, clear mask, rock chip protection film, clear wrap, helicopter tape, clear bra - and it is the best way to protect your vehicle from on- and off-the-road damage.

The clear film is almost invisible to the naked eye but provides a protective shield to stone chips when driving, not to mention shielding against UV-damage, sand rash and other debris in the air. It even helps to protect your vehicle from the weather when parked - in climates experiencing things like hail, for example.

In the Middle East, though, RMA Car Care is the place to go for all your paint protection needs. With a very thorough, proven, process in place, its team of experts are the go-to when it comes to PPF.

Once a customer has submitted an enquiry to us via any of our channels, you’ll receive a response within one hour. A customer profile is then created detailing their information and their vehicle details so we know who you are when you call or when any one of our team has any dealings with you. It’s this personal experience that makes us the best in the region. We know who you are and we build on that rapport throughout the entire process and beyond. RMA Car Care customers are friends for life.

Once the customer has received our response and is ready to book an appointment then we will get them booked in for our comprehensive pre-installation inspection check. Pre-installation inspection checks are only conducted thorough an appointment. This gives us ample time to inspect a vehicle thoroughly, and above all accurately, so to establish next best steps.

A customer must bring their vehicle to the pre-installation inspection appointment fully cleaned. Don’t worry, we always inform people upon booking the appointment that they will need to have it washed ahead of time. This is so that we can get the car into inspection immediately and fully utilise the appointment to its utmost potential.

A detailed electronic vehicle health check will be carried out under specialised inspection lights to identifying any defective areas (if any) that need to be addressed prior to any PPF installation. Paint depth readings will also be documented to identify any areas of the car that have been previously painted. Damage and readings will be documented, along with images taken of those areas, and will be subsequently priced up accordingly. This is then sent to the customer to review and approve ahead of any PPF installation. We have a bodyshop on site that is fully ready to conduct any repair works ahead of installing paint protection film.

We have a system in place that enables us to stay in contact with our customers and update them. It is strongly recommended to start the PPF installation immediately after inspection or refinishing to avoid risking further damage to the car or motorbike (or other vehicle) after leaving the facility.

We then take you through the RMA PPF Disclaimer form to make sure all points are clear and understood by the customer before booking the job.

Next, it’s installation time… CLICK HERE

Contact us for more details at RMA Car Care – 04 597 3077

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