Is prevention better than cure?​

Paintwork - is prevention better than cure? Should you protect your vehicle by investing in PPF or just repair the damage caused.

We hear it all the time in life; prevention is better than cure, and the saying is no truer than when it comes to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Protecting your vehicle's paint is the ultimate step in maintaining its appearance. Not only that, using the best in vehicle protection - Paint Protection Film (PPF) - will help ensure that you don’t have to do any future repair works which will end up costing you a lot more money in the long run.

Life can be very busy and preventative, proactive measures such as getting Paint Protection Film and going through the process of having it applied, can fall by the way side, until it’s too late and you have to do some serious bodywork rectifications before you can even consider protecting your vehicle.

Having Paint Protection Film applied ahead of issues will save you money in the long run and will retain the residuals, as well as help increase the re-sale value of your vehicle.

While repairing the damage caused to the paintwork is possible, it can be time-consuming, expensive and cause vehicle devaluation. Repairing the damage caused to the paintwork can be a complicated process that involves sanding, filling, and repainting the affected area. A vehicle that doesn’t still have its original paint is automatically worth less because you don’t know what’s happened for it to have needed that paintwork. This can be costly, and the repaired area may not match the rest of the vehicle's paint perfectly, which can sometimes be very obvious to an unskilled individual, never mind to the trained eye - this can be particularly problematic when you’re looking to sell the vehicle.

By taking steps to protect your vehicle's paint, you can avoid the need for costly and time-consuming repairs down the line. The installation of Paint Protection Film, as well as regular maintenance washes and the use of good, protective products such as ceramic coatings can help to maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle over time, making it a wise investment in the long run.

PPF is the most effective protection for your vehicle. It works as a physical, transparent layer which is almost invisible to the naked eye. There’s no way to prevent contaminants and debris on the road, but you can use Paint Protection Film to protect your vehicle from the damage they can cause. Paint Protection Film not only protects against physical things such as stone flicking up and causing chips to your paintwork, it also helps protect your paintwork from any fading or blistering that can often be caused by UV rays, especially in a hot climate such as ours.

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Should you protect your vehicle by investing in PPF or just repair the damage caused.
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